Letter to Highest Excellencies UN Permanent Missions

Dear Your Highest Excellencies UN Permanent Missions:

I am forwarding to Your Highest Excellencies again our Khmer Kampuchea Krom Association’s petition regarding the ongoing non-stop violations of the State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam against our indigenous Khmer Krom Peoples’ human rights, fundamental freedoms and the exercise of their right to self-determination in international law.

Our first wishes and demands in favor of our long lasting suffering Indigenous Khmer Krom Peoples in Southern Vietnam or Kampuchea Krom( French Cochin China)to Your Highest Excellencies for urgent actions against Vietnam’s flagrant violations were dated back to Wednesday, March l4,2007, Tuesday, July 24 and Wednesday, July 25,2007,Tuesday,l l&25September,2007. Right now, the violations still persist, still alive without fearing of the existing international law still in full force. Recently Hanoi has prevented from flying to Vietnam two EU MPs, H.E. Marco Panella and H.E. Marco Perduca for looking into the case of Indigenous Khmer Krom Peoples’ human rights violations and that of other groups by the State of Vietnam. How dare Vietnam continues to Violate people’s rights and especially the rights of the Indigenous Khmer Krom Peoples and the world seem to be afraid to take any appropriate and concrete urgent measures against such a kind of daredevil Vietnam? The UNPO’s document stated, “The international community, its members and institutions have an obligation to act where international law, including human rights and especially the fight to self- determination, is violated. The time to act is always now, not when a conflict is”ripe” for resolution as some would have it.” And the UN Deputy Secretary-General, Dr. Asha-Rose Migiro said at the 22 February 2007 Session of the UN Special Committee on decolonization,” Pragmatic Steps Needed to Close Colonial Chapter in Human Affairs” to bring about a speedy, successful and sustainable solution for the total eradication of colonialism.”

Dear Your Highest Excellencies Permanent Missions to the United Nations, please take some urgent measures under your power as legitimate representatives of your own nations and people to curb the SRV government to abide by the international law as Vietnam is the full-fledged Member State/Member Nation of the UN and also sits on the UN Security Council for two years as a non-permanent member.

Thanks, Your Highest Excellencies for your understanding and urgent actions against Vietnam, the Daredevil One who is never ever afraid of the international law even it is a UN’s Member State or Member Nation.

Respectfully Submitted,

Chan Chhan Keo, VP of the Association of Khmer Kampuchea Krom of Minnesota, Inc.

and Adviser of  the Khmers Kampuchea-Krom Federation(KKF)’s Chairman

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