Letter to H.E. Dr. Condoleezza Rice

H.E. Dr. Condoleezza Rice

Secretary of State

U.S. Department of State

2201 C Street NW

Washington, DC 20520

Dear Her Excellency Secretary of State:

As a longtime sustaining member of the Republican Party since President Reagan’s administration, I am tragically saddened by the ongoing atrocities and the persistent violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms of our indigenous Khmer Krom peoples by the successive governments of Vietnam for centuries, including both the North and the South.

These ongoing, continuous and non-stop violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms of our indigenous Khmer Krom peoples perpetrated by Vietnam must be stopped, blamed and severely punished by the international community and all the freedom-democratic loving countries around the world. But instead of charging the perpetrator with those persistent human rights violations against our indigenous Khmer Krom peoples, the international community seems to ignore or not pay much attention to the very long lasting sufferings of our indigenous Khmer Krom peoples who have been suffered for centuries of persecution, prosecutions, torture, false arrest and imprisonment, population transfer, racial hatred, and extrajudicial killings. All of these crimes committed by Vietnam against our Khmer Krom people have one thing in common to serve the black scheme of Vietnam: the total eradication of Khmer Krom people’s race on their own motherland, Kampuchea Krom also known as former French Cochin China or Southern Vietnam.

The peaceful demonstrations of Khmer Krom Buddhist monks in Khleang province (Soc Trang in Vietnamese) and in Cambodia to ask Vietnam to stop defrocking and to release Khmer Krom Buddhist monks from jails, the murder of Khmer Krom Buddhist monk, the Venerable Eang Sok Thocun in Cambodia after the peaceful protest in front of the Vietnamese embassy in Phnom Penh, the murder of a Khmer Krom’s newspaper editor in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and recently the defrocking of the Venerable Tim Sakhorn, Abbot of Watt Phnom Den North in Takeo province and forced him into a car heading Vietnam whose whereabouts are still a mystery are all, with no doubt, masterminded by Vietnam.

Your Honorable Secretary of State,

I am asking your permission to submit to your highest information and eventual decision copies of my letters to H.E. Ban Ki-moon, the UN Secretary-General and H.E. Asha-Rose Migiro, the UN Deputy Secretary-General and their attachments such as a 54-year report of the Khmers Kampuchea Krom Federation (KKF) and the 2 and 5 September 2003 UNPO’s letters regarding the issues of the indigenous Khmer Krom peoples of the Mekong River Delta region or former French Cochin China or Kampuchea Krom, their motherland. By going over all of these documents thoroughly, Your Honorable may have seen the real “Truth” about who are the real “Victims” and who are the real” Mara” or real” Terrorists” or real “Victimizers”? Truth is Buddha’s teaching, sacred, and universal; it is never ever changed over time no matter what happens in all human beings lives. Vietnam who causes endless sufferings to all Khmer Krom people who are the legitimate owners of the Non-Self-Governing Territory, Kampuchea Krom or former French Cochin China that France’s President Vincent Auriol had illegally transferred to Vietnam’s Emperor, His Majesty Bao-Dai by French law no. 49-733 of 4 June 1949 without the plebiscite of Khmer Krom people merits punishment by the international community instead of providing them with the international arena, the international seat at the United Nations to voice its cheap and dirty lies to the world that Khmer Krom people are minorities in small number among other minorities in Vietnam. Recently, Vietnam has published a short history book telling its own people that Kampuchea Krom or French Cochin China or Southern Vietnam belongs to Vietnam for thousands of years and Khmer Krom people had established their families in that territory after the Vietnamese people. Your Honorable may have seen very clearly the duped and unshameful attitude of Vietnam to mislead its own people and the world into believing in what is not real, not true, in what it’s just made up for the form sake. For this reason, should Vietnam be rewarded with the PNTR and the WTO or else? To the eyes of the victims it is not fair at all because the victimizer(s) feel encouraged to pursue its devil and evil deeds again and again without interruption.

The UNPO’s document distributed at The Hague International Conference from 29 September to 01 October 2006 “The Right to Self-Determination in International Law” has mentioned “The international community, its members and institutions have an obligation to act where international law, including human rights and especially the right to self-determination, is violated. The time to act is always now, not when a conflict is “ripe” for resolution, as some would have it.”

Owing to this important idea of the UNPO regarding the violations of Khmer Krom people’s human rights, fundamental freedoms and the right to self-determination by the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the United Nations, all member States and/or member Nations and all the international organizations have the obligations to act right now to help the indigenous Khmer Krom peoples to exercise their right to self-determination and to punish Vietnam for its persistent human rights violations against Khmer Krom people in flagrant violation of the international law, in particular the Charter of the United Nations, Chapters XI. XII and XIII. the UN GA resolution 15141XV1 of 14 December 1960, the UN GA resolution 1541(XV of 15 December

1960 and the 2001- 2010 Second International Decade for the Eradication of

Colonialism in the 2ls century and its Plan of Action.

Greatly hope that Your Honorable Secretary of State takes into consideration all ideas, suggestions and requests generated from all submitted documents, please accept from the bottom of my heart my deepest respect and gratitude.

Respectfully Submitted,

Chan Chhan Keo


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