Letter to H.E. Asha-Rose Migiro

Friday, July 20, 2007

H.E. Asha-Rose Migiro

Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations

760 United Nations Plaza

New York, NY 10017

Dear H.E. Rose Migiro:

In accordance to your excellent remarks ‘PRAGMATIC STEPS NEEDED TO CLOSE COLONIAL CHAPTER IN HUMAN AFFAIRS” at the opening of the 2007 session of the Special Committee on decolonization in New York, 22 February, I ask your permission to submit to you a copy of my letter to H.E. Ban Ki-moon and its attachments regarding the indigenous Khmer Krom peoples whose human rights and fundamental freedoms have been continuously and persistently violated by the successive Vietnamese governments for centuries, both the North and the South in their black and vicious intentions to wipe them out of the world’s map.

Recently on 30 June 2007, the Venerable Tim Sakhorn, Abbot of Watt Phnom Den North in Takeo province, Cambodia who has been accused of ruining friendship relation between Cambodia and Vietnam has been defrocked and forced into a car by secret body guards and drove away to Viet Nam. Up to date his whereabouts are still a mystery. The Venerable Tim Sakhom is a Khmer Krom Buddhist monk who was forced to flee Kampuchea Krom or Southern Viet Nam in 1978 for fear of persecution by the Vietnamese authority.

My letter and its attachments such as the 54-year report of the Khmers Kampuchea Krom Federation (KKF) and the two letters of the UNPO dated respectively 2 September and 5 September 2003 regarding the request to decolonize Kampuchea Krom and place it under the control of the United Nations must be paramount evidencing that the Khmer Krom people are the indigenous peoples of that territory for thousands of years even though Viet Nam is trying recently to mislead its own people and the world by publishing a short history book of the Southern Viet Nam or Kampuchea Krom (Former French Cochin China) that Kampuchea Krom belongs to Viet Nam.

Your Excellency Deputy Secretary-General,

Your above-mentioned remarks are extremely powerful. The Special Committee on decolonization needs to work hard and all the UN bodies, all administering Powers and all international organizations on the situation need to cooperate with each other to bring about a speedy, successful and sustainable solution for the total eradication of colonialism.”

I urge Your Excellency to include Kampuchea Krorn or Former French Cochin China or Southern Viet Nam (The Mekong Delta Region) on the list of the Non-Self-Governing Territories to decide their future in accordance with the UN Charter,

Chapters XI,XII and XIII, the UN GA resolution 1514(XV) of 14 December 1960, the UN GA resolution 1541(XV) of 15 December 1960 and the 2001-2010 Second International Decade for the Eradication of Colonialism and its Plan of Action.

Whereas the place of Viet Nam at the United Nations as a Member State or Member Nation, I would suggest Your Excellency to its Membership regarding its persistent violations of the contained in the UN Charter by persistently violating the indigenous Khmer Krom peoples’ human rights and fundamental freedoms for centuries in its black schemes to wipe them out, to vietnamize them against their free will as human beings and against the international law.

The non-violent struggle movement of Khmer Krom, the Indigenous Peoples of the Southern Viet Nam is moving on forward without interruption, heavily armed with the international law as their legal and powerful weapons until they reach successfully their through their chosen option stipulated by the UN GA resolution 1541(XV) of 15 December 1960.

Based on the factual data, extrinsic, documentary and historical evidence revealed by the 54-year report of the KKF and the two letters of the UNPO of 2 and 5 September 2003 to H.E. PhanVan Khai, Prime Minister of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, I respectfully implore Your Excellency Deputy Secretary-General to pressure Viet Nam to stop violating Khmer Krom’s human rights and fundamental freedoms, to recognize them as the indigenous peoples of the territory and to reconsider the appeal and the request of the UNPO mentioned in the above letters.

Hoping the given information, suggestions and requests merit your highest attention, please accept from the bottom of my heart my sincerest deepest respect and gratitude.

Respectfully Yours,

Chan Chhan Keo

Vice President

Association of Khmer Kampuchea Krom

of Minnesota, Inc.

P.O. Box 17133

Saint Paul, MN 55117

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