Letter to Dear His Excellency Ambassador

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Dear His Excellency Ambassador:

I am writing to implore for your kindness and generosity to intervene immediately with the Vietnam’s government to immediately release nine (9) indigenous Khmer Krom Buddhist monks who have been recently defrocked and jailed by Vietnam’s authority in Khleang province ( Soc Trang in Vietnamese) and re-ordain them as Buddhist monks in accordance with Vietnam’s constitution, UN Charter, Human Rights Council’s Proclamation, articles 1, 2,3 and 29…, UN GA resolutions 1514 (XV) and 1541 (XV) of 14 & 15 December 1960 relating to the granting of independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples and the right to self-determination of the Non-Self-Governing Territories and Peoples, the 2001-2010 Second International Decade and its Plan of Action relating to the Eradication of Colonialism in the 2l century.

As your Excellency knows, Khmer Krom is the Indigenous Peoples who have been living in the territories and lands for thousands of years. France colonized Kampuchea Krom or Cochin China in 1862.

When left Cochin China or Kampuchea Krom, France had transferred its colony of Cochin China to Bao-Dai, Vietnam’s Emperor on 4 June 1949 by its law no. 49-733 of June 4, 1949, signed by French President Vincent Auriol, modifying the status of its colony Cochin China in the French Union without the consent of Khmer Krom people. Since then, Vietnam tries by all means to wipe out Khmer Krom people from the world map—population transfer, forced racial assimilation, false accusation and arrest, imprisonment, torture, murder, religious and political persecutions and prosecutions, mass killing, mass drowning (Vinh Te Canal), mass burning in nine (9) Japanese rice barns/warehouses in Khleang province, Pol Leav province and Toek Khmao province. These are gross violations of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms against Khmer Krom, the Indigenous Peoples of the Mekong River Delta region (southern part of Vietnam) committed by Vietnam for centuries without interruption, without respecting any international laws, any UN GA resolutions, Human Rights Law, and UN Charter for which Vietnam is a member State.

Vietnam continues to persecute Khmer Krom people from one government to the next by ignoring the international law and by misleading the whole world that Khmer Krom people are minorities in small number like the other minorities in Vietnam. But in reality, Khmer Krom people are the legitimate owners of Cochin China or the Mekong River Delta region or southern part of Vietnam,

Vietnam is a current UN’s Member State; it needs to abide by the above-mentioned International Law. If not, the UN and its member nations shall put pressure on Vietnam to stop once and for all its incessant flagrant violations against the Indigenous Khmer Krom Peoples and to respect unconditionally Khmer Krom Peoples’ fundamental rights and freedoms as the legitimate owners of the 21 provinces that Vietnam changed their original Khmer names into Vietnamese names such as Prey Nokor to Saigon then to Ho Chi Minh City, Preah Trapeang province to Travinh, Peam province to Hatien, Khleang province to Soc Trang in Vietnamese, etc…

We strongly urge Your Excellency to demand Vietnam to immediately stop its violations against Khmer Krom civilians and Khmer Krom Buddhists monks and recognize them as the Indigenous Peoples of their ancestral territories and lands and stop depriving them of their inalienable and sovereign rights as the legitimate owners of Kampuchea Krom or former French Cochin China, their homeland.

Thank you in advance for your urgent assistance and cooperation to save Khmer Krom, the Indigenous Peoples of the Mekong Delta region, their motherland.

Respectfully submitted,

Chan Chhan Keo

P.O. Box 17133

St. Paul, MN 55117



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