Letter to​ Excellencies Judges of both International Courts, the ICJ and the ICC

Dear Their Excellencies Judges of both International Courts, the ICJ and the ICC:

Would you please find enclosed documents regarding the right to self-determination of the indigenous Khmer Krom peoples and the non-self-governing Kampuchea Krom territory or former French Cochin-China that France under the administration of French President Vincent Auriol had illegally transferred to Vietnam of His Majesty Bao Dai in
flagrant violation of the International Law and the Charter of the United Nations, Chapter XI, Chapter XII and Chapter XIII for which France has been Member State and/or member Nation since 24 October 1945.

These documents stand for de facto and de jure and ipso facto and ipso jureo ur indigenous Khmer Krom peoples’  right to self-determination in accordance with the international law and in strict conformity with the greatest wills and highest aspirations of the world’s leaders to end once and for all colonialism and/or neocolonialism in all its forms and manifestations in the whole world in the twenty-first century.

We, indigenous Khmer Krom peoples, victims of human rights violations committed by France and by both states of Vietnam, the North’s and the South’s, greatly hope that justice will prevail in this case no matter what happens because as H.E. Kofi Annan, former UNSG had said, …”…no ruler, no State, no junta and no army anywhere can abuse human rights with impunity….”

Thank you very much for your valuable times and efforts to read the attached documents of life or death of the indigenous Khmer Krom peoples, the rightful and legitimate owners of Kampuchea Krom territory, their homeland.

Very Respectfully Submitted,

Chan Chhan Keo, Chairman

Kampuchea Krom Territory
National Leadership
Decolonization Task Force,
a National Movement for Kampuchea
Krom Independence
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