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Monday, November 7, 2011

H.E. Mr. Ban Ki-moon

United Nations Secretary-General

760 United Nations Plaza

New York, NY 10017

Re: -Letter dated 18 October 2010 regarding the formal submission of a Proposal urging for the decolonization of Kampuchea Krom Territory in accordance with the Charter of the UN, Chapter XI, Chapter XII, and Chapter XIII -Follow-up letter of October 2010 for the same above purpose

-Letter dated March 12, 2010 regarding the inclusion of the long lasting suffering indigenous Khmer Krom peoples on your list of priorities as Secretary-General

Dear His Excellency Mr. Ban Ki-moon:

In reference to the above-captioned letters, I would like to respectfully submit to your highest sanction and your eventual support and wise decision a Brochure for the Kampuchea Krom Territory and the Indigenous Khmer Krom Peoples, the rightful and legitimate owners of the territory that France had illegally and unjustly ceded to emperor Bao-Dai of the associated State of Vietnam on 04 June 1949 without the plebiscite of the Kingdom of Cambodia under the kingship of His Majesty Norodom Sihanouk and without the mutual agreement and/or consent of the indigenous Khmer Krom peoples, the rightful and legitimate owners.

The present Brochure — a powerful complement to the above-mentioned Decolonization-Proposal – stands for two crucial and overriding reasons as follows:

A “Life or Death” for Kampuchea Krom territory or former French Cochin China or Cochinchine; and
An ultimatum imposed definitely to the whole world community to shake it out, shake it up and wake it up from its giant sleep to rightfully and wisely think, meditate, concentrate, speak, make effort, and take concrete action(s) to help save, before it’s too late, the Non-Self-Governing Kampuchea Krom Territory and its Non-Self-Governing Khmer Krom Peoples from a possible extinction on account of a premeditated systematic and coordinated plan of the State of Vietnam to swallow Kampuchea Krom territory or Cochinchine or Cochin China, Laos and present Cambodia as truthfully and trustworthily clearly detailed in black and white by Mr. Alex Thanh Nguyen in his letter cited in appendices to the present Brochure.
Your Highest Excellency Mr. Secretary-General,

I am writing this time to urge you to urgently take an appropriate and concrete action plan to begin an informal or formal consultation with the Governments of France and Vietnam aimed at improving the five categories of human rights situation in a Non-Self-Governing Kampuchea Krom Territory, the Homeland and Motherland of the Indigenous Khmer Krom Peoples, the rightful and legitimate owners of the land (southern Vietnam) and resolving its status in the same way, manner and process that H.E. Mr. Kofi Annan, your predecessor did in 1982 with the Governments of Indonesia and Portugal regarding East Timor’s right to self-determination and independence.

As long lasting suffering victims of France and its colluding partner, Vietnam on account of a France’s disgraced law no. 49-733 of 04 June 1949 illegally and unjustly ceding our Homeland and Motherland, Kampuchea Krom Territory to Vietnam in gross violation of the Charter of the United Nations, Chapter XI, Chapter XII, and Chapter XIII without the plebiscite of the Kingdom of Cambodia and without our Khmer Krom peoples’ mutual consent and or agreement, We are obligated to utilize step by step process all appropriate and concrete international mechanisms to have all of our lost rights, freedoms and powers on account of the above-stated France’s law restored and reinstated sooner or later by international solutions.

However, in the event of the failure of our legitimate request and appeal for the decolonization of our Homeland and Motherland, Kampuchea Krom Territory, we are obligated by international law and by the greatest will and highest aspirations of the world’s leaders, yours and other’s to eradicate colonialism and or neo-colonialism in all its forms and manifestations in the whole world in the twenty-first century to immediately have recourse to the International Criminal Court(ICC) at The Hague, the Netherlands in the very nearest future to seek justice for us, the victims. By turning this crucial, overriding and life or death matter over to the Court, we surely and hopefully expect that a “Judgment on the merits” will be granted to us, the victims, not to the wrongdoers, colonizers, five categories of human rights violators, international thieves, international robbers, criminals and terrorists.

All in all, justice will prevail; and the innocent indigenous Khmer Krom peoples, the long lasting victims of their five categories of human rights violations by the successive governments of Vietnam, both the North’s and the South’s will definitely receive a standing ovation from all democratic-freedom and peace-loving peoples, territories and countries around the globe for their greatest success in the international court battle for their legitimate fight for democracy, liberty, freedom, territorial integrity, full sovereignty and complete independence as sovereign and dignified human beings on this planet Earth.

The indigenous Khmer Krom peoples greatly hope that Your Highest Excellency, Mr. Secretary-General will support them the very best you can in order for them to have new great and fresh opportunity for their rebirth and new fresh life to breathe again a really and truly new and fresh air of democracy, liberty, and freedom as sovereign and dignified members of the human family on this planet Earth.

Anxiously awaiting for your prompt concrete action to this matter of life or death for our Kampuchea Krom Territory and our indigenous Khmer Krom peoples, would you please Your Highest Excellency Mr. Secretary-General, accept from the bottom of our hearts our deepest respect and gratitude.

Very Respectfully Submitted,

Chan Chhan Keo, Chairman

Advisor to the KKF Chairman

cc:-H.E. Mr. President of the UN General Assembly

-H.E. Mr. President of the UN Security Council

-All UN Member States

-All UN Permanent Observers Honorable Barack Obama, US President

-Honorable Nicolas Sarkozy, French Republic President UN Special Committee on Decolonization

-President of UNPFII

-Human Rights Watch

-Amnesty International

-Kingdom of Cambodia


-Khmers Kampuchea-Krom Federation (KKF)

-All Khmer Kampuchea Krom Organizations, Institutions, Monasteries and Pagodas around the world

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