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IKKPKampuchea Krom means “Cambodia Below” or “South Cambodia”, “Krom” in Khmer also means under to indicate “Southern.”  Kampuchea Krom was the southernmost territory of the Khmer Empire, and it was once known as (French) Cochin China.  It is the South-western part of Vietnam.  It covers an area of 89,000 Km2 with Cambodia to the north, the Gulf of Siam to the west and the South China Sea to the south, and the Champa’s territory to the northeast, Prei Nokor was one of the most important commercial cities in Kampuchea Krom.  The Vietnam’s government changed the name to Saigon, then to Ho Chi Minh City in 1975.  The Vietnamese find most Khmer locality names difficult to pronounce so they changed them to Vietnamese.  These new Vietnamese names have no meaning whereas their Khmers’ are related to historic events or accounts.

There were two long rivers: The Mekong and Bassac rivers.  The Mekong Delta had 40,000 Km2 of field that full of rice field and forest.  There was a historic canal Chum Nik Prek Teng or Te Ong Anussa (Vinh Te) from Mot Chrouk to Peam (Ha Tien).  It was 53 Km long and 25 meter wide.  There were Cheung Baa Deng mountain in the province of Raung Damrey (Tay Ninh) and Seven mountains: (Ktau, Ta Khvaa, Ook Yaum, Po Peal, Nak Ta Thnauk, Phnom Rau and Phnom Tra Daak) in the province of Mot Chrouk (Chau Doc).  Kampuchea Krom consist of four original provinces DO NAI, LONG HO, MOT CHROUK and PEAM, later on divided into 21 provinces as follows:

Khmer Name   and translate into   Vietnamese Name (Translation)

  1. Preah Trapeang Tra Vinh (Vinh Binh)
  2. Khleang Soc Trang
  3. Mort Chrouk Chau Doc
  4. Kramuon Sor Rach Gia
  5. Pol Leav Bac Lieu
  6. Tuk Khmau Ca Mau
  7. Peam             Ha Tien
  8. Prek Russey Can Tho
  9. Long Hor Vinh Long
  10. Peam Barach Long Xuyen
  11. Raung Domrei Tay Ninh
  12. Prey Nokor Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)
  13. Tuol Tamoak Thu Du Mot
  14. Changva Trapeang Sraka Trey Bien Hoa
  15. Me Sor My Tho
  16. Preah Suorkea Baria
  17. Koh Koang Go Cong
  18. Kampong Russey Ben Tre
  19. Kampong Kou Tan An
  20. O Kap Vung Tau
  21. Koh Tralach (Tralach Island) Con Dao (Con Son)
  22. Koh Trol (Trol Island) Phu Quoc island


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